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From trainees to Army officers, protect your entire unit from slips and falls with our highly slip-resistant, safety and combat range of durable and comfortable SFC footwear.

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More Than Half of Armed Forces Injuries Occur During a 9-Week Basic Training Period

Army personnel are subjected to an environment where exposure to intensive training sessions, high-stress events, and long, tiring days and nights are common. The most typical injuries a soldier may encounter are overuse strains, sprains and fractures to the lower extremities. More than half of these injuries are exercise and sports-related, especially running and marching. Back and shoulder injuries could also occur from lifting and carrying heavy objects.

According to the 2020 MOD Health and Safety Statistics Summary, the rate of injury and health risks reported in the UK Army increased, while the number of participants has decreased from 2014 to 2019. Over half of all injuries occur during training, of which 35% affect the lower body such as the foot, leg, ankle, knee or hip. Realistic training allows trainees the closest resemblance to operational experience. Trainees are able to experience decision making and risk taking in hazardous conditions without endangering life and then later applying those skills to real life situations.

Army unit with safety boots

There are several risks that Army officers are exposed to daily. The most common are:


Slips, trips, and falls

Musculoskeletal injuries such as lower back, neck and shoulder pain

Regardless of whether the injury is minor or major, preventing and avoiding risks within and around Army bases creates a safe working environment.

Military safety boots by Shoes For Crews

There are a variety of reasons why Army and military personnel may be injured on the job. These include:

  • Injuries from training exercises 
  • Injuries on the battlefield
  • Falls from height and crush injuries 
  • Accidents involving machinery and equipment 
  • Working in environments with constantly changing circumstances and uneven terrain 
  • Not following safety procedures and protocols, and more

There are a few things that Army unit leaders can do to help reduce the risk of foot injuries in the Armed Forces:

  • Firstly, they can reduce the amount of time soldiers are running, training or parachuting and implement fitness strengthening exercises. 
  • Additionally, they can provide soldiers with appropriate combat Army safety boots that are comfortable, durable, and support the feet, avoiding trips, falls and back issues. 
  • Finally, implementing proper use of safety procedures and equipment can reduce some risks and create a safer working environment.

Some of our SFC Army Safety Boots

Workplace Injuries Impact Budget

It is important that military personnel are supplied with durable and supportive safety footwear to ensure that workers are properly protected. Injuries occurring in training and on the job are not only extremely painful for the individual, but they can also be quite costly for the Army. Additional direct and indirect costs may include: 

  • Liability claims 
  • Lawsuits 
  • Damaged equipment 
  • Increased insurance premiums 
  • Low unit morale 
  • Pressure to return to work sooner than able 

Mitigation of risk and accident prevention
for Army trainees, officers, unit leaders and other military personnel are the leading methods for avoiding these costs, improving safety, comfort and efficiency.

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