Our Slip-Resistant Outsoles Technologies

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Our Proprietary Outsole Technology

Birthed from years of research and development, our proprietary outsole technology is the secret to our success as the leader in safety footwear. Our outsoles are created with the traction, durability and safety features needed to get the job done – regardless of your industry. Our technology is made to endure the toughest of work environments to keep your team safe on their feet.

Our Different Slip-Resistant Outsoles Technologies

The SFC Outsole

Whether in hospitality, healthcare, or retail, wet or oily surfaces can quickly become a hazard for workers throughout the day. Here, the trusted SFC outsole provides safety with every step. As the tests below demonstrate, its excellent slip-resistance far exceeds the industry standard.

SFC slip-resistant outsole

The ICE PRO Outsole

Slushy snow and wet or frozen ice are extremely unfavourable conditions for safe work. That’s precisely why we’ve developed the ICE PRO outsole: With its unique structure and sophisticated material blend, it provides superior slip resistance on icy surfaces.

ICE PRO outsole by Shoes For Crews

The 4SG Outsole

Prevent accidents on wet, icy, and oily surfaces: Our 4SG Four Seasons Grip outsole is specifically designed for challenging surfaces and environments — across all seasons and weather conditions. It meets the DIN ISO 20344:2021 standard and surpasses the industry standard.

4SG outsole by Shoes For Crews

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The success of our slip-resistant outsoles lies in our leading-edge anti-slip technology. We continue to innovate by listening to the millions of our loyal customers who are protected by our top-quality safety footwear on a daily basis.


Our clog-resistant outsoles are engineered to provide strong surface contact, while featuring wide-spaced traction lugs that minimize clogging. This makes your outsole easier to clean and prevents the tracking of contaminants, without sacrificing your slip resistance.


We're serious about safety. We offer a wide selection of composite toe, aluminum toe, steel toe and nano composite safety toe work shoes. All Shoes For Crews safety toe footwear meets or exceeds Industry standards, so you can rely on them for on-the-job protection.


Because bulky, squared-off lugs at the front of a shoe can cause a tripping hazard, we created TripGuard. The slight curve and tighter lug pattern of the TripGuard design promotes smoother transitions between floor surfaces, from smooth to slippery to carpet to tile. Available only from Shoes For Crews.


Who wants to work in wet shoes? No one. All our shoes are designed to be water-resistant. From external coatings to internal barriers, Shoes For Crews provides various degrees of water-resistant protection to fit your job needs.


Spills happen, and hot scalding liquids can burn. That's why we use SpillGuard, a protective coating internal barrier that reduces the risk of injury.


We believe comfort is just as important as safety in a work shoe. We know you work hard, so we are constantly developing innovative solutions to improve the comfort of your shoes.

Where Safety & Comfort Unite

Comfort is just as important as safety in a work shoe. Year after year, Shoes For Crews footwear far exceeds the most stringent worldwide standards in slip resistance. We are constantly developing innovative solutions to improve the comfort of our shoes to keep your employees on their feet and performing at their highest potential. The three key areas that separate us from the competition are:




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