Sustainable & Vegan Shoes: When Protection Meets Sustainability

Keep your staff comfortable on their feet while protecting the environment with our Eco-range footwear: sustainable & vegan shoes.

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Advantages of sustainable and vegan shoes

Combine Comfort & Sustainability

Advantages of sustainable and vegan shoes

Reduce Slip & Falls Accidents

Advantages of sustainable and vegan shoes

Minimise your Ecological Footprint

Sustainable Shoes Made from Recycled Materials

At Shoes For Crews, we are conscious that our feet won’t be getting any smaller – but the ecological footprint that they leave behind will. So rather than just changing our individual styles, we are gradually changing our whole production process and the materials we use for our footwear.

We are converting our entire shoe range into a more sustainable footwear range, using planet-friendly materials and making our Supply Chain greener

Why Your Crew Should Wear Sustainable Shoes?

Excellent quality/price ratio

Despite common misconceptions, being sustainable no longer means you have to break the bank. At Shoes For Crews we’ve designed a quality range of footwear made from recycled materials that your employees will love at a price that will make you smile.

Enjoy style while reducing toxic waste

Our Eco-range was designed to be planet-friendly whilst maintaining our high quality standards. The range doesn’t sacrifice style for sustainability.

Reduce the footprint of your organisation

Employees are increasingly demanding that their employers take action to protect the future of the environment. And, giving employees the option to wear shoes made from recycled materials will not only help to reduce your company’s footprint but give you a competitive advantage when hiring.

Some of our Sustainable Shoe Styles

Vegan Shoes

With veganism on the rise, it’s important that employers adapt to support their employee’s lifestyle and ensure that hardworking employees stay on the team. That’s why Shoes For Crews has designed vegan trainers and footwear. With our stylish and protective vegan shoes, your employees will keep enjoying their lifestyle within the workplace. 

Vegan Footwear Verified By Intertek

We are proud to say our vegan styles have passed the reliable testing protocol of the Intertek Vegan Mark Verification Program, which means they meet the Intertek requirements established for Vegan products and obtained an Intertek Vegan Mark. This program has been created to offer consumers a transparent and trustworthy program to verify vegan claims of textile, footwear and accessories.

Why Your Staff Should Wear Vegan Shoes? 

Combine Comfort and Durability

Combine comfort and durability

The vegan verified footwear in our Eco-range combine durability and comfort in a shoe that’s designed to protect the future of our planet. Indeed, the manufacturing process of our eco-styles is entirely sustainable and eco-responsible. All of our shoes are made with our proprietary, extremely slip-resistant outsole, which uses innovative technology to help protect your staff in the workplace.

Leather-free, animal-free

Even for employees that don’t follow a vegan lifestyle the benefits of vegan footwear are numerous. Vegan leather is made without the use of animal products and is eco-friendly. It’s also made without sacrificing quality.

Increase your employees’ loyalty

It will not only be a competitive advantage for your company when hiring new employees on board to show them that you care about their lifestyle, but it will also be a good way to combat absenteeism, foster commitment and trust within your team. Nowadays, with the Great Resignation all over the world, it is more important than ever to take care of your employees and worry about their well-being.

Some of our Vegan Verified Styles

Our Eco-journey : Learn More About Our Commitment to Sustainability 

At Shoes For Crews Europe we’re committed to developing sustainable, planet-friendly products whilst staying true to our core mission and vision to keep the workforce safe on the job and fitting the world with safety footwear.

We’ve made significant progress on our goals to implement circular production process and to reduce our carbon footprint with the launch of our ECO shoe range and the relocation of parts of our production to Europe. To learn more about our Environmental Policy download it here.

Since 2021 we’ve been publishing an annual Sustainability Report to help us communicate our vision and roadmap towards sustainable development.

Our report highlights our initiatives and achievements in 2022 across key environmental, social and governance areas. 

Shoes For Crews CSR report

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