» Why Choose Shoes For Crews as Your Footwear Provider

Why Choose Shoes For Crews as Your Footwear Provider

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Shoes For Crews is the leader in slip-resistant outsoles and our mission is to protect the workplace and reduce the number of slips and falls among employees. Since 1984, we have been protecting people on the job, reducing accidents and increasing company profits. If you have been looking to upgrade or replace your team’s footwear, now is the perfect time to consider Shoes For Crews to support and safeguard your team.

Learn about our four pillars, our new innovations in sustainability, repurposing old materials and how we are continuously improving our products. Read on to discover why you should choose Shoes For Crews as your footwear provider and how your company can greatly benefit.

Presence in Europe since 2001

Founded in the United States, Shoes For Crews has expanded rapidly around the world. We have been in Europe since 2001 with logistics centres in the UK and the Netherlands. Personnel in over 150,000 companies around the world rely on the safety and protection our footwear affords. 

In 2022, we made the decision to open new facilities in Portugal and Italy to help reduce production costs. Not only does this decision benefit you as the employer, but it also helps us reduce our carbon footprint. Thus, we can focus on protecting our most valuable resource: the environment.

The four pillars of Shoes For Crews shoes

1. Protection and Safety

First and foremost, our chief pillar is safety, on which we have built our company. We take occupational safety and the slip-resistant properties of our outsoles so seriously that we manufacture them in our own factories. This gives us complete control over every single component and allows us to keep an eye on every step of the process. We are passionate about keeping employees safe on the job, no matter the type of conditions, environment or weather.

Hazards such as exposure to harsh chemicals, lifting heavy objects, using dangerous equipment and working in cramped spaces are just a few of the potential injuries workers can face. Our TripGuard feature, a slight curve with a tighter lug pattern, has been added to the top of all our safety shoes. This allows wearers to move between slippery floors to other types of surfaces carefully and confidently. If your workers come into contact with liquids, we have added various layers of protective membranes to help keep the forefoot dry.

2. Style

Secondly, design is another crucial element of our four pillars. At Shoes For Crews, we know your team is looking for supportive yet stylish workwear. Not only can it offer a professional look in front of customers but it can also help create a strong brand image. 

With over 280 styles for men and women globally, from casual to smart, we are confident you will find the right fit for your employees. 

Colly Shoes For Crews’ shoe style with slip-resistant outsoles

3. Comfort

Thirdly, if your staff is on their feet for long hours, they need optimal support to carry them through the toughest days. Our styles are designed with workers who stand for long, gruelling hours in mind. In some industries such as the facilities and manufacturing sectors, comfort is king and keeping employees’ feet supported and protected all day long is our priority. Many of our ranges include extra cushioned midsoles and removable insoles for added ease of wear. 

4. Durability

Lastly, while we recommend that your staff replace their footwear every 6-9 months, it is important to note how long-lasting Shoes For Crews’ shoes are. From our casual to safety, we are confident that you will find the best fit and style with a long lifespan for your crew. Wear and tear are reduced by the concave tread on the outsole which blocks ingrained debris. Our slip-resistant technology features wide-spaced traction lugs to minimise clogging, thus resulting in easier-to-clean outsoles and will increase the longevity of the shoe. 

Engineer IV CT slip-resistant, metal-free boot with TripGuard

New innovations in sustainability by Shoes For Crews

Rather than only changing individual styles, we are working on modifying our whole production process and the materials we use. Our goal with our sustainability strategy is to lead the way through continuous improvement and minimisation of resources. From 2022 and onward, our linings and microfibre uppers are all composed of 100% recycled PET. Our insoles are now being made from recycled EVA from discarded flip flops and waste from industrial productions. Both innovations will result in significant savings on resources in the long-term. 

Moreover, because our shoes must meet the highest standards of comfort, durability and safety, we have opted for a continuously adaptation-based approach. Shoes For Crews shoes consistently surpass industry standards for slip-resistant outsoles and contribute to an 80% reduction in slip and fall accidents in the workplace.

Have we convinced you to choose Shoes For Crews shoes for your workplace? We encourage you to go over our four pillars, new innovations and take the necessary risk assessments before making a final decision. If you have any questions on style, purpose and best fit, contact one of our experts to get answers suited for your company’s needs. For more in-depth information on our specific styles for your team, download our Buyers Guide

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