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We’ll assess your needs and find the best slip-resistant safety shoe that fits your company’s needs and goals — so you can protect your team and build a strong safety culture without the hassle.

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The best way to see all the advantages and benefits that our slip-resistant footwear offers is to try them out! Your dedicated Shoes For Crews team does the heavy lifting, from start to finish. We help you find suitable footwear and give you support you need to help you drive adoption within your company and achieve your safety goals.

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Now your team can select industry-leading safety footwear that reduces up to 80% of slip and fall accidents. And you protect your company, employees and profits from the devastating costs of workplace accidents.

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We will help you to find suitable SFC footwear for your team. We will give you all the support you need to help you drive adoption within your organisation and achieve your safety goals with style!

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Shoes For Crews® is the Pioneer and Trusted Leader in Slip-Resistant Safety Footwear Since 1984.


Providing Highly Protective Footwear

Allow your workforce the protection and comfort they deserve and reduce slip accidents and injuries by up to 80% with our comprehensive range of durable, comfortable and fashionable work safety footwear.

SFC outsoles testing and monitoring from HSE
Shoes For Crews certified by Sastra Technology
Shoes for crews certification Bristish Safety Industry Federation
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